LEOSU Night Club Security Division


security guard union, security officer union, union for security guards,  Washington DC, Night Club Security Guard Union
security guard union, security officer union, union for security guards,  Washington DC, Night Club Security Guard Union
security guard union, security officer union, union for security guards,  Washington DC, Night Club Security Guard Union
security guard union, security officer union, union for security guards,  Washington DC, Night Club Security Guard Union
security guard union, security officer union, union for security guards,  Washington DC, Night Club Security Guard Union

Night Club Security Division



LEOSU seeks to represent all night club security officers working in the Washington DC Capitol area and/or within our jurisdiction and we welcome you to contact us or join us to find out how we can help you and your 

co-officers improve your wages, benefits and working conditions under a LEOSU union contract. 



Bouncers, doormen, and in house security guards face difficult and potentially dangerous situations daily. Having the proper training ensures that staff and patrons are safe and limits the legal liability of the establishment. 


Doormen/Bouncer/NightClub Security Job Description
To ensure that everyone who enters the premises is 18+
To provide a safe environment ensuring the safety of all of the patrons
To patrol the building and detecting any undesirables
To make sure that everybody has a good time
To Escort any troublemakers outside of the building
To Report any problems to the manager

Other Potential Duties - From time to time you may have to conduct random searches on the patrons where you will be looking for drugs or weapons (A very dangerous part of the job and something that you should think very hard about. By law should you find any drugs you should take it off them and call the police however as a Doorman you are treading on very thin ice and you should put your own safety first, it is not worth taking the drugs off them only to be stabbed the next night for it. A better option is to explain to them that you can’t let them in with it and they should try elsewhere, it might sound unethical but its the best thing to do.


What to Expect
Nights, Nights and More Nights - There is no getting around it you will be working nights on a consistent basis so that should be one of the first things that you consider when applying for this kind of position. Generally there will be some kind of rota such as 4 on 4 off which is 4 nights work followed by 4 days rest, in this line of work you will be grateful for this kind of arrangement as it does take its toll on you.
Confrontation is inevitable - Certainly you will have drunken fools picking fights with you for absolutely no good reason because they are intoxicated and as we all know when you are drunk you really are not yourself, We all have a friend who is the nicest guy in the world when he’s sober but give him a drink and he/she becomes a wild animal just looking for trouble. This is where you have to be particularly careful more than in any other security position we have discussed, always keep your distance and always have your second guard with you because you don’t know what you are dealing with or whether they have a weapon or even what they have been taking…They may have taken PCP (Angel Dust) which can make you go absolutely berserk and out of control so much so that it’s almost as though they have gained muscle mass! Not to mention the incredible paranoia it brings and if that is mixed with alcohol then you will have one hell of a night on your hands (when i was doing my SIA Course the lecturer was telling a story of this exact situation that he himself had been in and how it took all 3  doormen to battle with the guy on PCP for Ten minutes before they could get him out of the building and when they finally did they had to shut the doors because he kept trying to get in, he was punching and kicking the door trying to get back in as his hands where bleeding he kept on punching the door! The climax of what happened was that they called the police but by the time they got there the Culprit burned out and had to be taken to hospital.
That kind of scenario is not rare so think very hard about whether you are the type of person that can handle this, while it is great experience for future roles it’s also very dangerous and can put you under great stress if you do it for too long.


The Best Doormen are the Friendliest - In all walks of life it is far better to be a great talker rather than a great fighter and to succeed as a Doorman this is what you will need to master. Most people you meet will be just going out to have a good time so its best to treat everyone in a kind way making you more approachable so if they are having any problems they will come to you giving you eyes on everywhere in the building, Also if its one of their friends that are acting foolishly  then they will be more likely to help you calm them down or if they see that you are having trouble restraining somebody they may even help you!
Another reason it’s important to have this trait is that when you get two people having a fight you and your partner will have to separate them and have the ability to calm them down by talking to them and explaining to them in as much privacy as is available in a calm and logical way that you cannot allow that in the club, if you can do that then you have made it as a Doorman! Being the reasonable middle man will get you a long way in this profession.
Try to gain a relationship with the patrons making you the person to go see with any problems they might be having, this will teach you one of the most important lessons that you can take with you in life which is how to get people to like you as well as winning brownie points with your boss.
Make Sure Your Partner is Reliable - You shouldn’t take anything for granted in this job because it can be a dangerous one so you need to make sure that your fellow doormen are reliable, trustworthy and they know what they are doing, you don’t want to find yourself in a scenario where you’re being threatened with a knife and your partner is ‘indisposed’ chatting up some girl or worse he had seen what was happening but bottled it and turned away as if he hadn’t. Most Doormen are very Competent and reliable in fact since this is potentially your first position in security they will likely be making sure of the same thing with you!



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