LEOSU-DC Organizers Continue to Spread the Good Word about the Benefits of Joining Our Union

From Washington DC to Maryland to Virginia, LEOSU-DC organizers are out in force spreading the good word about the benefits of joining the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions (LEOSU-DC).

"Our LEOSU-DC organizers are holding several union meetings throughout the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia each week. 2017 is going to be a great year for organizing and a great year for special police officers and security officers in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia who are seeking to join our union LEOSU-DC". noted LEOSU-DC Organizing Director Steve Maritas.

"We are receiving several calls a week from both non-union security professionals as well as those who are presently unionized. One union in particular, that its members are looking to switch from, have noted that the LEOSU-DC is always available to answer their calls and questions 24/7, while their present union has failed to do the same" said Maritas.

Most recently, a Local union President of this particular union has stated "he has spoken with LEOSU-DC Organizers more times in the last two weeks than he has with his own union in the last two years". This particular Local union President noted "his present security union has continuously failed to return phone calls, emails, follow up on grievances or attend local meetings when requested. That's why his group has been signing membership cards for LEOSU-DC.

LEOSU-DC will be filing an election to represent this particular group as well as several other security groups who are also dissatisfied with this particular union, once their contract enters the open period. This is the time these Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia officers can legally switch unions by way of an NLRB secret ballot election.

If you or your group is looking to form or join a security union in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area, please contact the LEOSU-DC organizing department at


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