Three Times is a Charm: as Paragon Systems, Inc Security Officers working at GSA in Washington, DC V

March 5, 2018 Washington, DC - They say, the third time is the charm, and the LEOSU-DC just proved it in one of the wildest NLRB elections ever. Back in November 2017, the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions, LEOSU-DC filed an election to represent thirty-eight (38) full-time and regular part-time armed security officers employed by the Employer Paragon Systems, Inc., at the General Services Administration Regional Office Building located at 301 7th Street, S.W. Washington, DC 20024. At the filing of the NLRB petition by LEOSU-DC, these GSA Paragon Systems, Inc. officers were represented by the National Association of Special Police and Security Officers NASPSO a competitor security union. Soon after our NLRB filing the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) who has a long history of corruption and embezzlement, intervened in our election in their attempt to steal this group away from LEOSU-DC.

On Monday, November 27, 2017, the NLRB commenced its mail ballot election with an ending date on December 18, 2017. Once the votes were tallied a total of just eleven votes out of thirty-eight were cast. One for the petitioner, one for the intervener SPFPA, four for NASPSO, one void ballot and two challenged ballots which each contained two votes. Since the two challenged ballots which both contained 2 ballots each affected the outcome the election, the parties agreed to open the four remaining ballots with a hitch. Since there were 2 ballots in each of the two challenged ballots the NLRB would only count one of the two ballots in each of the challenged ballots only if they match otherwise both ballots would be void. To make a long story short, since NASPSO had four votes the LEOSU-DC needed all four to match just to get two votes and force a runoff election. In the end the LEOSU-DC pulled off 4 the hard way with LEOSU-DC receiving a total of 5 vote three of which officially counted, NASPSO had received 4 votes and SPFPA received just 1 vote. However, because there was not a clear majority, the top two unions LEOSU-DC and NASPSO would head into a runoff election. Soon after the NLRB would commence a mail ballot runoff election, but this would not go without a hitch. During this period, the Government had its shut down just prior to the opening of the ballots and the NLRB election was voided and a third election was agreed upon by the parties. On March 5, 2018 the LEOSU-DC was victorious winning by a score of 6 to 4 in one of the wildest NLRB elections I ever had been involved in noted LEOSU-DC organizing Director Steve Maritas.

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