In a BIG WIN and in a Show of Solidarity 73 Georgetown University Police Officers Working at the Main Campus and Georgetown Law Center Vote LEOSU-DC YES!

April 26, 2018


Washington, DC April 25, 2018 - Georgetown University: In a big win today and in a show of solidarity 73 Georgetown  Security Officers, Special Police Officers I, Special Police Officers II, Master Police Officers, Investigators, and Communications Officers employed by the Employer at its Main Campus and Law Center Locations voted in favor of LEOSU-DC representation.


Despite the personal attacks by the incumbent Union against the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU-DC, the 73 Georgetown University police officers stood strong and in solidarity firing back in the email below written by Officer Victor Johnson and Officer Roy Eddy (shown to the left).


First of all; let me speak to my fellow officers at Georgetown University. Please don't fall for these slander tactics. When a person or group doesn't have any merits or accomplishments to stand on they resort to attacking their opponents. We've seen this in countless other arenas; most notably the political arena. Well, please don't fall for this nonsense; just ask yourselves what has this union really done for you? They haven't had one meeting with us, countless disciplinary actions and terminations without one arbitration. We pay a substantial amount for dues; what are our dues being used for if not to protect the members? I ask where is our money? I have possibilities attached to this email. Finally, I say to my fellow members don't fall for these tactics; make a decision purely on who will look out for your best interest and SPFPA has already demonstrated that they will not. Now, I wish to speak to the representatives of SPFPA who have failed in their mission to represent me and my fellow officers. In the last 3 years I have never seen one of you, never spoken to you or even received one email, but in the last week I have all of a sudden received four emails; all of which fail to tell me why we should continue to give you our hard earned money. The emails have not shared with this membership anything substantial, anything that shows why we will benefit from allowing you to continue to represent us. Instead, its just attacks on the union representative who has in only a month met and talked with most of this membership. He has offered clear direction on how he will protect and advance this membership which is much more than you have done in three years.


We wish to thank the many Georgetown University police officers who helped make this campaign a real success including Teresa Bullock, Roy Eddy, Victor Johnson, Anthony Allen, David Budd, Sean Cannady and a number of other officers who had supported us throughout this campaign.


We wish to welcome the 73 Georgetown University police officers to the LEOSU-DC family. We promise to service you, to do quarterly meetings as well as onsite visits  and provide you with the best legal representation at the bargaining table which will result in a collective bargaining agreement you will all be proud of and truly deserve.




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