GSA Paragon Officers Bargaining Committee Members Meet to Discuss Upcoming Negotiations with the Com

Washington DC July 14, 2018 - Paragon officers working at GSA had met earlier today to discuss what they wish to see negotiated in their new LEOSU-DC contract. After much discussion all of the bargaining committee members agreed that the prior contract negotiated by their previous union needed to be rewritten due to the fact that it was poorly written and gave management to many rights to do as it see fits.

At the present time "Paragon has been playing hardball refusing to come to the table" noted Organizing Director Steve Maritas, with that said our attorney's sent Paragon a stern letter noting that if we do not receive dates for negotiations within 48 hours the Union, LEOSU-DC would be filing an unfair labor charge with the National Labor Relations Board and that the Union may organize an information picket outside of GSA. Immediately upon receiving our attorney's letter Paragon, had requested dates from us on when the Union would be available.

At the present time we are waiting for a response back from Paragon as to their availability..

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