Everyday is Labor Day for LEOSU-DC as We Fight Each Day for Better Wages, Better Benefits & Bett

Labor Day is a U.S. national holiday held the first Monday every September. Unlike most U.S. holidays, it is a strange celebration without rituals, except for shopping and barbecuing. For most people it simply marks the last weekend of summer and the start of the school year. The holiday’s founders in the late 1800s envisioned something very different from what the day has become. The founders were looking for two things: a means of unifying union workers and a reduction in work time

History of Labor Day - https://youtu.be/FJamea576YY

The original holiday was meant to handle a problem of long working hours and no time off. Although the battle over these issues would seem to have been won long ago, this issue is starting to come back with a vengeance. Today many workers including law enforcement officers, police officers and security officers in our industry are faced with low wages, no yearly increases, no job security, little or no benefits, no voice on job and poor working conditions, LEOSU continues to recognize this fight not only on Labor Day but everyday for both our members, future members and workers everywhere.

Today on this Labor Day 2018 these Police Officers still face the suppression of low wages and little and no benefits. On Thursday September 13th this will all change when these Police officers will have a REAL VOICE and a REAL UNION like LEOSU-DC, LEOS-PBA who is not afraid to stand up to management and who is willing to stand up for these Police Officers who truly deserve higher wages, better benefits and better working conditions.

Happy Labor Day to everyone from LEOSU-DC, LEOS-PBA

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LEOSU Washington DC -The District of Columbia's Newest 9(b)3 Security Union for Law Enforcement & Special Police Officers serving Washington DC Capitol Region