These Sea Gate Police Officers Believe in Something Even if it Means Sacrificing Everything by Votin

Brooklyn, NY September 13, 2018 - The Sea Gate Police Officers working at the Sea Gate Association in Brooklyn, NY have voted to join LEOSU, LEOS-PBA by a score of 17-4. They will now be known as SGPD Local 9/11 LEOSU, LEOS-PBA. Seagate Police Department one of the oldest Police departments in Brooklyn NY. Established in 1899 Seagate Police Department has been serving its community of Seagate prior to the NYPD and Brooklyn becoming a borough of NYC. ​ The Sea Gate Police Department (SGPD) is a private law enforcement agency in New York City within the confines of the New York City Police Department (60 Precinct) who employ Retired Police and/or New York State peace officers participating duties to protect property, citizens, and to enforce all laws in the privately gated community of Sea Gate, Brooklyn. ​The New York City Police Department is the primary law enforcement and investigatorial agency within the five boroughs of New York City as per the NYC Charter (law), which includes Sea Gate community. SGPD is privately funded and govern by the Seagate Home Association. The Sea Gate Police Department dates back to 1800s, but in 1898 New York City expanded to include Brooklyn absorbing eighteen existing police departments, at which time Sea Gate Police (Pseudonym title only) became just a public safety agency and who are govern by Sea Gate Association as clearly described in NYS Criminal Procedure Law 2.10 sub 46. This agency has a uniformed force of 26 police officers. Power and authority Sea Gate officers are New York State peace officers under NYS Criminal Procedure Law 2.10 subsection 46, who have enforcement powers in Sea Gate community as detailed in the NYS Penal Law, They are authorized to make arrests, perform vehicle enforcement and issue summonses. They are licensed to carry a firearm after receiving a handgun permit by the New York City Police Dept and use batons, pepper spray, and handcuffs.

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