Paragon Vice President Laura M Hagan Tells its GSA ROB Protective Service Officers Its Not that We C

Washington DC, US General Services Administration Regional Office Building GSA ROB. On September 17, 2018, the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU-DC had met with Paragon Vice President and General Counsel Laura M. Hagan to discuss the Unions economic proposal. Much to our surprise Hagan stated that Paragon was not willing to give the protective service officers working @ GSA ROB 301 7th St SW, Washington, DC 20410 that "Its Not that We Can't Give You a Raise, We Won't.

Within an hour of the news the Paragon protective service officers @ GSA ROB, reacted to Hagan's statement by calling for a call to action.

What happened next was 18 officers called off of work the next day. While some officers had legitimately called off due to sickness, car trouble, family matters and negotiations, a few called off for Protected Concerted Activity utilizing their personal and/or their sick days.

Protected Concerted Activity is a legal term used in labor policy to define employee protection against employer retaliation in the United States. It is a legal principle under the subject of the freedom of association. The term defines the activities workers may partake in without fear of employer retaliation.

While the law protects employees in regards Protected Concerted Activity, Paragon decided to retaliate against 10 of the 18 GSA ROB protective service officers who called off on September 18th by informing these 10 individuals not to report to work locking our members, The LEOSU-DC immediately took action against Paragon by filing federal charges against Paragon with the NLRB. See NLRB Charge against Paragon here. Also see additional supporting charges statement

On Friday morning at 1:43 am the LEOSU-DC sent out a mass email to GSA top officials from all around the country notifying GSA officers the client of our intention to STRIKE Paragon on Monday. By 10:00 am on Friday morning Paragon must of got the strong message that the LEOSU-DC is not going to back down, since all 10 GSA ROB protective service officers were called by the Captain and told to return to work.

The LEOSU-DC is now planning STRIKE preparations at GSA ROB as well as informational picketing at several GSA sites around Washington DC where Paragon provides security services noted Steve Maritas LEOSU-DC organizing Director " If Paragon and Laura M. Hagan wants to go to war with LEOSU-DC then we will do what we have to do to protect our members rights and the RESPECT they deserve'. "WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN" noted Maritas.

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