SPFPA Hits a New Low When They Tell MGM Springfield Casino Officers to VOTE NO UNION - SPFPA UNION-B

Can you spell HYPOCRISY?......Watch this SPFPA UNION-BUSTING RATS Exposed Video.

Unions are meant to protect workers, however in the case of the International Union, Security, Police & Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) this isn't the case. After LEOSU had filed to represent 200 MGM Springfield Casino officers in Massachusetts, the SPFPA somehow was able to get on the ballot when they suddenly appeared after an election date was already set. Two days later having no chance of winning they withdrew from this election.

Having no business intervening in this LEOSU election in the first place SPFPA went on the attack sending out one of their cartoon videos created by SPFPA representative Dwayne Phillips, obviously on orders SPFPA President Dave Hickey, encouraging these MGM Springfield Casino security officers to VOTE NO UNION.

Over the last year SPFPA has been obsessed with personally attacking LEOSU-DC organizing Director Steve Maritas who was SPFPA's former organizing director for over 13 years. The reason for these personal attacks is because Maritas has successfully organized several SPFPA facilities including Georgetown University, Catholic University, NASA HQ, the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration and GSA ROB Headquarters just to name a few.

In the MGM Springfield election the LEOSU has filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board charging SPFPA with using a Board. You can view the SPFPA supporting charges here.

For more on this story please read: Beware of SPFPA UNION-BUSTING Rats who Encouraged MGM Springfield Casino Security Officers to VOTE NO UNION

We have also created a video to EXPOSE SPFPA (UNION-BUSTING) RAT UNION tactics.

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