LEOSU Calls for Department of Labor Investigation of SPFPA VP Rick O'Quinn & his Wife's

LEOSU Calls for A Department of Labor DOL Investigation of SPFPA VP O'Quinn & his Wife's Ownership of Patronus Systems Inc.

A Department of Labor LM-30 Report presently filed by SPFPA Region 2 Vice President Rick Dallas O’Quinn on 3/24/2019 clearly shows his Wife Mabel O’Quinn is the Owner of Patronus Systems Inc a security company that provides protective security officers PSO on federal protective contracts/subcontracts at various federal buildings throughout the US. Certain PSO’s employed by Patronus are REPRESENTED by SPFPA Local Unions. THIS IS TRULY A CONFLICT OF INTEREST if NOT Criminal. The 2018 LM-30 report shows the Amount or value of interest, transaction, benefit, arrangement, income or loan was $693,076.95.

SPFPA LM-30 Report for 2017 clearly shows O’Quinns Wife Made $870,388.00 Dollars. This report also notes SPFPA represents Patronus PSO’s. How Can this be? How can SPFPA Region 2 Vice President Rick O’Quinn hold a number of leadership positions with SPFPA while this Conflict of Interest exists? The $870,388.00 does NOT include O’Quinn’s $161,761 SPFPA salary and disbursements. View the official government LM-30 documents filed by SPFPA VP O'Quinn below.

The BIG Question here is how can the SPFPA International Union represent Patronus Systems Inc PSO’s when SPFPA Region 2 Vice President Rick O’Quinn’s Wife is the Owner of Patronus Systems Inc? Also is it OK that SPFPA VP Rick O’Quinn’s Wife Made over 25 Million Dollars according to government records?

It should be noted, while the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 (also “LMRDA” or the “Landrum–Griffin Act”), clearly states every officer and every employee (other than an employee performing exclusively clerical or custodial services) of a labor organization must file an Officer & Employee Report, Form LM-30, if he, or his spouse or minor child, directly or indirectly, had certain economic interests during the past fiscal year, our research indicates that SPFPA had failed to file this conflict of information between SPFPA Region 2 Vice President Rick O’Quinn and his wife Mabel O’Quinn, Patronus Systems, Inc President going back to 2010. It should also be noted we did not find any information or LM-30 filings for O’Quinn’s other company Patronus Systems Partnership LLC.

Not until the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions, LEOSU started to investigate this conflict of interest Scam as noted by a email to SPFPA President Hickey and its Executive Board dated 3/5/2019, (after SPFPA Vice President Joseph McCray let it known to security employers about this Conflict of Interest between O’Quinn and Patronus in a political attempt to oust O’Quinn we have been told), and thereafter by the fact that two SPFPA Local 506 members had actually filed internal charges against O’Quinn with the SPFPA International Union on 3/18/19, calling for a criminal investigation of this matter by the Department of Labor, did the SPFPA even attempted to take any type of action to comply with the law. See letter from SPFPA General Counsel Gordon Gregory below.

You can find more information about this CONFLICT of INTEREST relationship between SPFPA Region 2 Vice President Rick O'Quinn and his Wife's Company Patronus Systems Inc on the following websites below.

SPFPA VP Rick O’Quinn Patronus Systems Inc Conflict of Interest SCAM EXPOSED.

SPFPA Region 2 Vice President Rick O’Quinn – Patronus Systems Inc Relationship EXPOSED – SPFPA Local 506 Members Are Calling For a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of SPFPA VP Rick O’Quinn

The SPFPA has a Long History of Corruption and Embezzlement under the Leadership of SPFPA International President David L. Hickey as noted by these court documents. PRESS HERE TO VIEW.

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