Stronger Together Its Official USPOA has Affiliated with LEOS-PBA

Washington DC 1/7/2020 - The new year has just begun and already the LEOSU-DC is on the move announcing that the United Security & Police Officers of America USPOA has just officially affiliated with the Law Enforcement Officers Security & Police Benevolent Association LEOS-PBA.

LEOS-PBA Executive Director Steve Maritas stated "the affiliation of USPOA into the LEOS-PBA, LEOSU-DC family will give us greater strength at the bargaining table in the Washington DC Capitol region and help us further better service our members, which is one of our biggest priorities". "WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER". noted Maritas.

As part of the affiliation agreement, the United Security & Police Officers of America USPOA, shall now be known as the National Union of Special Police Officers NUSPO. There will be no change to the present leadership of the USPOA under its new name NUSPO. All collective bargaining agreements shall be honored and remain the same other then the name change from USPOA to NUSPO affiliated with LEOS-PBA as noted by the NUSPO enclosed letter.

We wish to acknowledge the new NUSPO Executive Board, ShaDawn M. Prince President & Executive Director, Ishun Richards, Vice President, Business Agent / Director, Anthony Barber, Treasurer / Service Director, Dankona Rogers, Trustee / Organizer, and Kenita Ivy, Sergeant at Arms / Organizer into our LEOSU-DC, LEOS-PBA Family.

The affiliation of USPOA / NUSPO into our LEOSU-DC / LEOS-PBA family now creates the largest and fastest growing growing 9(b)3 Law Enforcement & Special Police Union in the Washington DC Capital Region.

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