A 2021 New Year Message From LEOSU-DC to Our Members and Your Families

Wow, what a year it has been with COVID-19. Not one of us wants to go through again. We have lost many loved ones, friends and members. We have gone through painful days. We have struggled and fought to get through it. This year we have learned in the end; having family around matters the most, enjoy the small things, don’t plan to far in advance, take that adventure, and most importantly life is short. So take a moment look at who you have around you in your life and if they are near give them a hug, if far send them a message as I am sending you, wishing you A Happy, Healthily, New Year. May this year make up for all the sorrows and pain we have felt. May this year be full of laughter, joy and adventures! God bless and Happy New Year 2021!

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LEOSU Washington DC -The District of Columbia's Newest 9(b)3 Security Union for Law Enforcement & Special Police Officers serving Washington DC Capitol Region