NYC Paragon PSO's Receive a $1.50 An Hour Wage & HW Increase Making them the Highest Paid in NYC

New York City 8/20/21 - Negotiations for the 320 Paragon Systems Inc Security Protective Service Officers in New York City went better than expected after the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU affiliated with the United Federation LEOS-PBA was able to negotiate a $1.30 in wages plus an additional $0.20 cents in their health & welfare for a total wage & H&W increase of $1.50 effective October 1, 2021.

"When Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU took over this Paragon NYC Federal contract back in 2020 these Paragon NYC PSO's working at the federal buildings in NYC were being paid the lowest wage rate of any PSO's in al of the five (5). boroughs of NYC, which are Manhattan (New York County), Brooklyn (Kings County), Queens (Queens County), The Bronx (Bronx County) & Staten Island (Richmond County) as well as Westchester & Long Island. Today with just two negotiations under our belt these Paragon NYC Paragon PSO's went from $27.67 per hour to $30.50 an hour and their health & welfare increased from $4.22 per hour to $4.95 Effective October 1, 2021" noted United Federation LEOS-PBA President Charles (Chip) Strebeck.

"These Paragon NYC Paragon PSO's are now the highest paid PSO officers in New York City, the five (5). boroughs and Westchester & Long Island". noted Strebeck. In addition to the above the Union was able to negotiate a health & welfare to be be paid on all training and anyone now working at a Top Secret Post will be paid: $33.50 an hour and at a Secret Post: $32.50 per hour.

Presently the United Federation LEOS-PBA through our affiliated Unions represents more Paragon PSO's than any other security Union nationwide. These Paragon sites includes: both NYC and upstate New York, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Imperial counties, Kentucky, North & South Carolina, & the Washington DC Capitol region just to name a few.

Our Union is presently and actively involved in several NLRB Paragon Systems elections and organizing drives at the present time which include:

450 Paragon PSO's working at NIH in Maryland

Paragon PSO's in Washington DC

Paragon PSO's West Virginia

Paragon PSO's in Central Pennsylvania as well as Pittsburgh

Paragon PSO's in Georgia

Paragon PSO's in Idaho

Based on the amount of organizing and our national campaign to organize Paragon Systems shops nationwide we have set up the Paragon Protective Service Officers National Union PSONU If your a Paragon seeking to join or switch Union please contact us at 1-800-516-0094 and a organizing representative will be happy to assist you.

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LEOSU Washington DC -The District of Columbia's Newest 9(b)3 Security Union for Law Enforcement & Special Police Officers serving Washington DC Capitol Region