Washington D.C. Armed Special Police Officer Training


Virginia Metropolitan Training Academy is an acclaimed public and private law enforcement training academy with a reputation for both effective training solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property.  We have a portfolio of completed and on-going projects with particular emphasis on people returning to the workforce and earning a living wage.


Throughout training our cadets are exposed to practical exercises that will enhance customer service, decision making, and physical skills needed to survive day-to-day interactions with the public and violent encounters. Cadets will deploy various tools they commonly carry to react with various escalation and de-escalation of force. Students will make split second decisions and articulate their reactions. Training will occur in a variety of environments, including low light, cold and warm weather environments. Cadets develop new skills throughout practical exercises using force-on-force scenarios to better themselves and the communities they serve.


Agencies looking to enhance their staffs training, VMT Academy will partner with you in every stage of your project and act as both consultants and colleagues to work in a manner commensurate with both of agencies skills bringing greatly enhanced value to the project.

LEOSU Washington DC -The District of Columbia's Newest 9(b)3 Security Union for Law Enforcement & Special Police Officers serving Washington DC Capitol Region